How easy it is when you can organize your work!

Taiga is the easy-to-use agile tool that helps you manage
your projects effectively.

Once again. You’re flooded with tasks and there’s always that big one causing a knock-on effect on the progress of your project.

You have so many assignments that you’re struggling to prioritize. Plus it’s not clear who’s doing what. You’re frustrated because there’s confusion and lack of control. The project seems to be stuck.

How amazing it would be if you had an easy-to-use tool that helps you have a clear picture, organize and assign tasks within your team.

Taiga is Open Source and you can use it for free!

Millions enjoy agile with Taiga already. Join them!

Agile in pandemic times

Has the pandemic affected agile or agile teams in any way?

Find out more about remote working and new ways of managing projects during pandemic times in this interview with

Pablo Ruiz-Muzquiz, CEO of Taiga and Kaleidos, our expert in agile.

Why your project with Taiga?

Discover how to become more organized with an intuitive tool that helps you manage your agile projects in a very easy way.

Not only for developers - Teams from different areas working together on the same project. Taiga makes it easy for multi-functional teams to work together in a project.

Customize it - You can adapt Taiga to your needs because it’s Open Source and the code is accessible.

Make your team’s work visible - Taiga helps you see what your colleagues are doing and where the progress of your project is.

In your own language - Taiga is available in 27 languages.

No need to know agile - Whether you’re coming from Kanban or Scrum or you don’t have a clue of what agile is about, Taiga is so easy to use that will help you follow through the agile process without even noticing.

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