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For cross-functional agile teams to work effectively

A featured-rich software that offers a very simple start through its intuitive user interface.

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"Now more than ever we need a digital environment that supports an Agile form of working and Taiga does just that."

"It was a 180-degree change. Less than a month after starting with Taiga, the stress level of the team went down dramatically. In a few months the relationship with the client had become stronger. "

New Business Director at Secuoyas

Consultant at Coolminds

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Agile project management made easy, intuitive and effective


Define deliverables involving your full team to capture all team´s knowledge and secure buy in.

Align and (re)prioritize deliverables with the end user on an ongoing basis to allow for timely pivots and assure the highest priority ones are completed in time

Get organized


Communicate effectively

Have daily stand-ups with the whole team. Share progress on agreed end products and discuss bottlenecks for a timely delivery. Promote risk-taking from team members to benefit both the individual and the team

Provide visibility of ongoing activities & completed deliverables to the end user. Greater transparency into current resource & time allocation gives the end user a better understanding of state of- and effort needed for each deliverable & potential changes

Stay on track


Reflect and improve with the team on performance and ways of working. When needed, change workflows and activate more features. Intuitive user interface for multi functional teams. No training and complex set up required

Start easy and evolve


100% Open source

  • Easy to update
  • Your choice of community contributions
  • Translated to >20 languages
  • Customize your installation
  • Unparalleled security and control


Taiga on-premise hosting option is ideal for larger teams or multiple small teams that need to have all data on their own servers and/or want to customize Taiga:

Open Source and Lean principles gave birth to Taiga

Taiga is an open-source project management software for multidisciplinary teams that work agile across both scrum and Kanban frameworks.

Taiga's birth goes back to a Kaleidos hackathon in 2013. The team at Kaleidos, filled with frustration, couldn't find an intuitive and visually appealing tool to facilitate agile methodologies for both developers and designers. So, we did what was right. We decided to come up with a better tool and that's how Taiga's journey began!

About us

In only a couple of years later, Taiga was rolled out and immediately won "The Best Agile Tool” in the 2015 Agile Awards. Most recently, it was cited as one of the Top 7 project management tools for 2020 by OpenSource.com and it continues to be cited as one of the best agile project management tools with a worldwide footprint.

We are now busy working on the next iteration of Taiga, something we codenamed TaigaNext, and it will showcase the Kaleidos vision around lean and design processes, connecting our two products, both Taiga and Penpot together.

By the way, in case you're wondering, the name of Taiga comes after the boreal forest which lies across the subarctic region. It's strikingly beautiful from a distance but deadly if you enter the Taiga unprepared. A new project is like the Taiga forest, so we created our unique Taiga where you can start any project without any worry at all, we've got you covered. Just enjoy the Taiga!

Taiga’s features

The possibilities that our project management software offers, encompass a broad and flexible set of tools that will adapt to the nature of your team and the agile work methodology you use


Intuitive and simple, yet feature complete Kanban board

Customization to fit your workflow including EPICS and sub-tasks

Multiple workflows with Swim lanes

Extensive filter options & search function

WIP limits

View options like zoom level and user story archive function

Possibility to switch over to Scrum and vice versa

Complete set of boards to plan and show individual sprints from backlog

Backlog & sprint planning including EPICS and sub-tasks

Estimations (possible per role) including project doom-line

Estimation tool (Taiga Seed)

Sprint task board with swim-lanes per user story and zoom function

Burn down chart on project and sprint level

Possibility to switch over to Kanban and vice versa


Customization of issue types, priorities and severities

Possibility to add issues to sprint

Function to promote issue to user story

Extensive filter options & search function

Integrated and complete issues/bug tracking


Team performance dashboard (incl. team health Iocane function)

Full audibility with project timeline

Personal dashboard & notifications

Wiki function

Custom real time reports in your own data editor with CSV URL link

Complete set of dashboards and reporting possibilities



Overview of progress on activities & completed deliverables

Define team roles & permissions

Available in over 20 languages

Customization of stages, colors and close definition

Custom tags and fields

Embedded onboarding

Various integrations (partly through Zapier)

Project import and export function


Start simple and add functionality when you need it

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Deployment & pricing options

Taiga Cloud Basic

Unlimited number of users

Unlimited private projects

Unlimited public projects

Up to 10GB of storage per private project

Estimation tool Taiga Seed

Translated to >20 languages

Community support

Unlimited number of users

Unlimited private projects

Unlimited public projects

Up to 10GB of storage per private project

Estimation tool Taiga Seed

Translated to >20 languages

Premium support

Help us fund the Taiga open source project

Taiga Cloud with Premium support


100% Open source

Easy to update

Your choice of community contributions

Translated to >20 languages

Customize your installation*

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Get Premium support


per month

($600 when billed annually)



* As long as you respect Taiga's open source license

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