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Taiga on-premise

Taiga on-premise is ideal for larger teams or multiple small teams that need to have all data on their own servers and/or want to customize Taiga



Requires Linux and Docker Experience

Download and install Taiga on your own infrastructure or any private cloud

100% Open source

Easy to update

Your choice of community contributions

Translated to >20 languages

Customize your installation*

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From $10

Everything from SELF-MANAGED and:

One-click install

Fully managed maintenance and upgrades

Enterprise-grade security

Scale up and down instantly

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Ideal for teams with limited Linux/Docker experience

Using the fully managed service for on-premise instances of our partner Elestio

You’ll be relieved of the need to worry about DNS configuration, SMTP, backups, SSL certificates, OS & Taiga upgrades

Ideal for teams requiring priority support

Typically suitable for teams greater than 25 people

Everything from SELF-MANAGED and:

Priority support with SLA

Use it behind your firewall / VPN

Installation support

Scheduled updates

* As long as you respect Taiga's open source license

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